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China LED Lighting Enterprise Expands in to Korean Market

According to Korean media report, Korean LED lighting industry indicates that the largest LED lighting company King sun launched the ceremony of the business in Seoul, Korea and to start the step of launching the Korean market.
It is reported that the King sun has signed a $10 million installation agreement with certain group of LED lighting. In addition, to expand the circulation and sales in Korea, King sun established a relationship with a backbone IT enterprise.
The related person of King sun showed that, the enterprises are their main customers at the early days after entering into the Korean market, then to extend the market to the average household consumers.
The King sun predicts that their launching will be the pressure to the small and medium-sized enterprises. In November 2011, the Korean government has pointed out the LED lighting is the industry of small and medium-sized enterprises. So some big enterprises which are interested in the field are changing their attention to the overseas market. But Korean LED lighting market appears the situation of excess supply. And the LED lighting market demand is very strong, but with the gradually expansion of enterprises production, which is far more than demand and even into the vicious cycle of price competition.
Some industry insider said that the industry is in a low period, the entering of King sun which with the advantages of prices will accelerate the condition of the Korea industry now. Korean small and medium-sized enterprises can only rely on the quality and technical to force the competition.