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Clear LED dimmer works to ensure maximum effectiveness

Clear LED dimmer in principle, the need for consideration from various angles. First, it should be considered the relevant principles of the type, if the pulse width control light, mainly the power of the digital square wave, and at this point, you should also want to control the duty cycle, and thus achieve the purpose of the control current. It also should be clear-current power control methods, it is mainly used in linear simulation technology, you can easily adjust the current size. Not only that the regulation should be grouped. A plurality of LED lamps are mainly set using a simple packet processing device regulation. Of course, each one of the working principle, the effect achieved will naturally vary. Some works, realized the role, mainly adjustable resistance knob, and then do the stepless control. In addition there is the module of mature technology, relatively specific cost declining.

Of course, whether LED dimmers to the current regulation which can all be changed touch-button switch, when in this climate can be controlled independently grouping specific lighting. Dimming quality guaranteed at this time, and a longer lamp life. If necessary, recommend the use of high-quality adjustable resistor. Under normal circumstances, the corresponding resistance in the ten or so Duoou Mu, this effect is relatively good resistance.