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HK Lighting Fair 2017: Business Opportunities in Belt and Road Markets

HK Lighting Fair 2017: Business Opportunities in Belt and Road Markets

Silk Road Economic Belt (or One-Belt One-Road), China’s initiative to strengthen cooperation among countries between China and Euroasia, has opened up many new opportunities across industries.
That is why the HKLF 2017 organized a buyer forum on “Business Opportunities in Belt and Road Markets” which invited major lighting manufacturers from Poland and Russia to talk about the latest market insights and product trends in the two countries.
LED Lighting Market in Poland
With a population of 38 million and easy access to the EU market, Poland has great potential for LED companies around the world, said Mr. Dariusz Stepien, Director of Polish lighting company Daste PHU.
 Mr. Dariusz Stepien, Director of Polish lighting company Daste PHU, presented at the HKLF 2017. (LEDinside)
Poland has close business ties with countries such as Germany and Russia, and manufactures also export their products to Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.
Daste focuses mainly on the professional lighting segment, including LED lighting solutions for offices, hotels, commercial centers, banks, towns and public buildings. It also provides a variety of residential lighting applications. Daste has partnered with many local suppliers and it also sources from China.  
Dariusz Stepien pointed out that LED currently makes up about 59% by value of Poland’s lighting market, with more and more companies moving to smart lighting. The pursuit of energy-efficiency and higher living standards will drive new needs for LED lighting products.
In addition, with an increasing number of renovation projects and the development of smart cities underway, Mr. Dariusz Stepien estimated that the demand for LEDs will continue to increase, which is a great opportunity that Chinese companies can grasp.
Energy-Short Russia Eyes Efficient Lighting Products
The forum also invited Andrey Egoshin, Product Manager of Russian lighting brand Universal, to discuss the lighting market in Russia. Universal mainly focuses on producing extension cords, cables and electrical accessories. However, around three years ago, the company has entered the LED lighting business amid pick up in domestic demand.
 Andrey Egoshin, Product Manager of Russian lighting brand Universal, talked about the LED lighting market in Russia. (LEDinside)
Due to the economic slowdown, price is still the main factor that Russian people consider when buying lighting products, said Andrey Egoshin. Thus, the company offers both quality, medium-priced products as well as low-priced products with medium quality. 
Currently, as Egoshin pointed out, LED flood lights, LED fixtures, LED bulk heads and LED panel lights are in high demand in Russia. However, flickering is an issue that the company still needs to overcome.
In addition, hampered by energy crisis, lighting companies have been struggling with increasing manufacturing costs and energy costs. Russia makers therefore have to look for products with lower prices and new suppliers in Asia.
Egoshin concluded that HKLF is the best place to meet some new suppliers to find new products and to check the prices. It is also a great platform for companies and professionals to exchange views on current market trends.