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LED dimming power elements and considerations

LED dimming power supply ( as a product of the era of environmental protection, on many occasions applied to the LED dimming power. Now take a look at its elements and considerations it. Drive needs to suit the characteristics of the power supply LED dimming drive provided is a pulse of constant current power supply, the current pulse frequency and duty cycle can be adjusted, the Yu actuators provide a constant current and fully controllable.

Drive is a high frequency of work, full use of the effect in the afterglow phosphor power LED dimming, flicker will not only light, but also further improve the luminous efficiency LED dimming power. LED dimming power source is a low voltage, high current Yu moving device.

LED dimming power luminous intensity of the luminous performance LED dimming power flowing through the LED dimming supply current decision excessive current caused by attenuation, the current is too small to affect the emission intensity LED dimming power.