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The key benefits from using LED bulbs in industry are significant, especially in today's climate where cost saving is imperative and customer experience is paramount.

LED lighting offers a virtually maintenance free lighting solution, rarely malfunctioning and with thousands of hours of life. This reduces the need to employ additional maintenance staff, shut down machinery or premises and therefore not only saving you money but increasing productivity.

Many businesses, offices and retail outlets have sensor triggered lighting to save on electricity costs. This would not be efficient with traditional bulbs as they can often take several minutes to cool down before they can be switched on again and then can take several minutes to warm up to optimum light distribution.

Unlike traditional lighting, LED lights do not create heat so will not increase room temperature when they are illuminated. This is more apparent where there is a large amount of lights i.e. in open offices or large retail outlets and warehouses where a significant amount of heat can be generated over the period of the day. This often requires costly air conditioning, especially on warm days to regulate temperature.