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LED Lighting Industry Standard Is Gradually Established

LED lighting standard will help to promote LED lighting products into consumer market: in the past because of the lacking of LED lighting standard, the LED market is short of a set of standardized and unified standard system, also does not have the mandatory testing certification requirements, therefore, in view of different enterprise's own production capacity and technical level are not balanced, which is led to various types of LED lighting products on the market for LED purchase with different specifications, low-cost and low-quality products.

With the establishment of the LED lighting standard, which will help enhance the compatibility of LED lighting products and general interchangeability, product testing specification, a benign and ordered development pattern, that will promote a large large-scale of product applications and industrial development. So the international commission on illumination, international electronic motor committee, European commission, the United States energy star light engine, ISA etc are hustling LED lighting standard, in order to form a global industry standards.

The LED industry standards are formed universal at developed countries, and parts of the country are also actively promoting the establishment of the standards: in the aspect of the LED specification, America is the first state in the world to develop the industry, in the United States government guidance, some led light bulb supplier and certification institutions jointly launched some parts of the standards, such like the products’ safety, product life, optical measurement, power supply several years ago. The U.S. energy administration also has cleared specification requirements about LED light effect and life of different products; LED industry is developing rapidly in Japan, the establishment of LED standards does a lot help, Japan's four lighting group was launched in 2006 "lighting white LED measurement standard", which actively promotes international standards under the government-led ; Taiwan also has 32 kinds of LED lighting related standards, as the basis of LED lighting product design, manufacturing and testing.

In domestic, Guangdong pioneered item 21 LED lighting standard, which is expected to solve serious non-standard problem of domestic LED lighting products, such as China tube led light.