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LED power supply should have sophisticated manufacturing system

LED power supply should have the refinement of manufacturing systems. Power recalls appearing on the market, or batch quality problems because due to design defects are in the minority, mostly due cause or enterprise manufacturing system is not perfect, production control due to lack of experience. Sophisticated manufacturing systems typically include technology development, process engineering, procurement management and control system, storage system, automatic water production, quality control and other six management and control platform, indispensable. Often the most vulnerable part of the problem is the procurement, process engineering and quality control.

LED waterproof power supply product BOM nearly 200 raw materials on the market fake material, defective materials, outdated material dazzling, often unable to distinguish between mass production, as long as there is a device instability will pose a risk of power failure, how to ensure the purchase of raw materials quality intact, not only scientific management and control procurement platform, but also need long-term accumulation of experience working with suppliers. Quality of supply will ensure that the resources in the production of early direct import eliminate false material, defective materials, outdated material is mixed, so early prevention. In addition, the storage of certain components can not be ignored, improper storage environment easily lead to oxidative deterioration of components, it has required constant temperature warehouse, in order to prevent the device from deterioration.