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Ledlink Starts Production at Factory in Eastern China

Taiwan-based LED optical lens maker Ledlink on May 7 began production at its new factory in Yangzhou, eastern China, and will expand injection molding capacity from 40 sets initially to 60-100 at the end of 2013, according to the company. The factory occupies a plot of 33,300 square meters (8.24 acres) and has a total floor area of 33,700 square meters (362,740 square feet) which can house 250 injection molding sets.

Total investment for the Yangzhou plant was US$36 million, and the plant will supply products to customers in northern and central China. Telung Tang, CEO of Ledlink, stated that the firm has been optimistic about LED lighting demand and started to plan the construction of the plant in Yangzhou in 2009.

Tang stated that China's LED lighting market is expected to grow, and market research points to demand for commercial LED lighting in China to reach CNY67.8 billion (US$11 billion) in 2015 and CNY138 billion in 2020. Tang noted that Ledlink currently has a global market share of 35% and plans to increase the figure to 50-60% in three years.

Due to rising orders, market observers predict Ledlink will see April consolidated revenues reach close to NT$100 million (US$3.4 million), and may exceed NT$100 million in May.

Ledlink starts production at factory in eastern China
Telung Tang, CEO of Ledlink
Photo: Siu Han, Digitimes, May 2013