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On the LED power supply which should be a protection

First, the ability to mine

Outdoor climate on the power of lightning great harm, usually direct lightning stroke, conduction thunder, lightning and other types, but the most common lightning, damage to the power supply is also the largest, often produce 4KV even higher voltage. Good power supply should have better lightning protection, and compliance with the relevant design standards (GB / T 17626.5, equivalent to the standard IEC-61000-4-5, the provisions of the differential-mode compression 2KV, common-mode compression 4KV). Of course, in addition to integrated power mine design, special lightning-intensive areas, the user can also refer to IEC61643-1 lighting or EN61643-11 and other related standards, lighting the tip affixed independent transmission mine, the effect will be excellent .

Second, the high temperature tolerance to cold

Some areas outside temperature up to 50 ℃, while the minimum time and often as low as minus 30 ℃, which requires power supply must have a wide range of operating ambient temperature, working in a wide range -40 ℃ to + 70 ℃, to ensure product reliability and stable performance.