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Ten reasons for failure of the LED driver

The Vf changes with temperature variations, in general, when a constant current reasons, when the temperature becomes lower Vf, Vf becomes higher when low temperature. Therefore, when the high temperature LED lamp load voltage corresponding to the work of VoL, low temperature LED work lamp load voltage corresponding to the VoH. In the selection of LED drivers to consider when driver output voltage range greater than VoL ~ VoH.

If you use the LED driver output voltage is lower than the maximum VoH, may lead to low temperature lamps reach the maximum power of the power actually needed, if the choice of the LED drive voltage is higher than the lowest VoL, may drive output over the operating temperature range, work unstable, there will be flashing lamps and so on.

But the overall cost and efficiency considerations, can not pursue the LED driver output voltage range wide: Since the drive voltage only when a certain range, drive efficiency is the highest. After exceeding the scope of efficiency, power factor (PF) will deteriorate, while the driver output voltage range design is too wide, resulting in higher costs, efficiency can not be optimized.