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the High and Low Ratio Is the Main Factor of Demestic LED Lighting Industry

With the development of technology, LED lighting gradually replace the traditional incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps and enter into the field of general lighting rapidly, and part of the LED lighting has been used in shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, hotels, factories and other industrial and commercial fields. And the MR16LED is one of the focus of the development of LED lighting.

 But, there are all kinds of problems faced in the design process of MR16LED lights at present.

Due to MR16LED not resistance load, but the load impedance is electronic transformer work requirements, in order to meet this requirement, to adjust MR16LED load changes is the best method. So it can absorb expected output power consumed by the power of light power, to maintain the normal work of the electronic transformer. This needs to have a drive which can improve MR16LED and electronic transformer compatibility. Reliability is also a key factor restricting the development of the MR16. Some part of the power supply can compatible at present, but the lack of stable performance will have some results such like the death light and twinkle after the use of 1-2 months. And it also greatly reduces the sense of comfort.

Whether the LED lighting can fully into the lighting field, the cost is the key factor. At present, the cost of the product has a distance of 5 to 10 times between different LED products and traditional difference and. Compatibility, reliability, the existence of sense of comfort as well as the high cost, which hinder the development of the whole LED lighting industry. How to solve these problems is becoming the focus of many enterprises development. To the questions which MR16LED lamp faced, each enterprise to launch different solutions. Such as osram's Duris LED series, and wuxi’ MRU series driver, both series solution are as the starting point to achieve cost-effective LED lighting. On the 7th LED general lighting drive technology seminar, marketing manager of osram opto semiconductors Wu Sen will be hand in hand with science and technology marketing director RuiShengJun bring "DurisS8 & MRU MR16 solutions" speech, to introduce how to achieve cost-effective of MR16.The technical meeting will be held on May 31st as scheduled in ningbo.

Drive power source is the crucial factors affecting the life time of LED lights.

Only under the appropriate current and voltage, the life time of the LED will achieve the ideal state, up to 100000 hours. Therefore, improve the performance of the drive power supply with LED the longevity of their match, can prolong the life of the whole lamp.