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The new policy is closely linked with the LED lighting business

1, Jane and enterprise reporting tax number

State Administration of Taxation issued "on a reasonable number of degenerate taxpayers to declare tax notice," from April 1, small-scale VAT taxpayers and small low-profit enterprises to declare and pay quarterly advance corporate income tax or VAT, is no longer require monthly reporting, to further reduce the tax burden on taxpayers.

2, break the patent infringement case "hard evidence" "low compensation"

From April 1, "Supreme People's Court on the trial of Patent Infringement Cases Application of Law (b)" began, pointing patent disputes in the burden of proof is difficult, low compensation issues. The new judicial interpretation will allocate the burden of proof concerning the infringer's profits to the infringer. In determining the actual loss of rights holders, who claimed the interests of the infringer from the infringement was subjected to proof, the infringer must provide relevant books and materials. Otherwise, the people's court may be determined according to human rights claims and the evidence provided.