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Three common LED dimming power

1, LED SCR dimming power

Earlier on SCR dimming incandescent and energy-saving lamps used in dimming mode it is currently applied to the LED dimming one of the widest range dimming.

It works by the input voltage waveform after passing through the conduction angle waves to produce an output voltage waveform of a tangential. Principle tangential rms output voltage can be reduced, in order to reduce the general load (resistive load) power. SCR dimming advantage is high efficiency, stable performance.

2, LED 0 / 1-10V dimming power

Power supply design with a control chip, then 0-10V dimmer when, through 0-10V voltage variations, changes the power supply output current, reducing light Example: When the 0-10V dimmer modulation to 0V, the current drops to 0 its brightness light is off (there is a switch from the role), when 0-10V dimmers large maximum 10V, output current will reach 100% of the power output, the brightness will be 100 percent. (the output voltage is not changing).