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You do not know the password LED blue lights

Generally speaking, there are three LED light shade, namely warm white, cool white or white, then you believe that LED lights have a blue colored light? The answer is yes, and blue lights on the child's growth and intellectual development would have a negligible role. Once, a famous American psychologist Frank Lawless in its "IQ answer," a book, said parents how children wake up every day to bring their successes and failures. Wake them contribute to the development and intellectual development with blue light. "If you want to use a positive approach to developing intelligence, the best way is to let them in children under the blue environment. When feel blue eye, the brain will be stimulated. Even my eyes closed, too." Therefore, in the children's room blue lights are installed within a good choice. Some studies also show that blue light can stimulate people's emotions, it helps to keep energetic and get rid of drowsiness.