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A Revolution In Power Technology - Switching Power Supply

Followed by electronic machine circuit toward small, lightweight, high-performance, high-density devices to carry out speedy direction, dimming the power of the electronic equipment miniaturization, light weight, composite, multi-function, high reliability, long life and other aspects of the request increasingly Huoji. As the foundation of one of the magnetic circuit element equipment is miniaturized electronic machine to prevent a major constraint, especially in volume, contradictory components particularly outstanding. Such as dimming power in the original PBX subscriber circuit, a total of 23 electronic devices and integrated circuits, in which only a magnetic material that is electronic transformer, dimming power was equal to the weight of the other 22 non-magnetic material yuan the sum of the components; circuit board area is also occupied with simply flat. Another example of a solid-state relay circuit has five resistors, three capacitors and an inductor. Just this one inductor (originally on a toroidal ferrite core wound with a coil made) component is five times the other eight resistive and capacitive elements. We can see how severe magnetic equipment miniaturization doubt, so experts around the world, engineers have invested enormous effort of painstaking research, to now in the inductor equipment (including electronic transformers, inductors, etc.) miniaturization, chip-based aspects conducted by leaps and bounds, especially in terms of high-frequency performance is more obvious.