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City Of Meridian's Continued LED Light Upgrades

City of Meridian's continued LED light upgrades
According to the news from Amicia Ramsey.
MERIDIAN, Miss--(WTOK) The City of Meridian continues to upgrade its lighting. The project was broken into three phases to help poorly lit areas in the community.
Several lights have been installed city leaders and residents hope by installing them it will cut down crime in those areas.
The City of Meridian completed the installation of LED lights at James Chaney Park. Resident Jahaun Burton said there is a noticeable difference in lighting at night near the surrounding neighborhood.
"It's been a big difference. It's been lit up around here. People are kind of scared of crime now because you can see what is going on around a neighborhood," said Burton.
Mayor Percy Bland said the city is trying to limit unwanted activity at night like loitering. Mississippi Power have switched out the lights at Northeast Park, Highland Park, John C. Harris Park, Ben Arthur Park, and James Chaney Park.
"We have been discussing lighting issues in our community for sometime in our neighborhoods and also in our parks. We went to the council, got something's approved so we can advance our neighborhoods and also in our parks," said Bland.
Lights were installed in three phases. Stage one was 22nd Avenue. The 2nd phase included replacing lights at all parks. The program is now in stage three of installing lights in dimly lit neighborhoods. Community Development Planner, Terrell Thompson said lights have been installed in areas on the Southside of Meridian.
"We started out on 32nd Avenue and 1st Street which is Southside. We changed out the LED lighting over there. We moved to 33rd and Valley Street and changed the lighting out. We are going to work within the neighborhoods within the city to change the original lights to LED lights," said Thompson.
Residents are hoping a well lit neighborhoods will offer safer streets in return.
"From past times, I have known peoples cars that have been broken into. Since these lights have been out it will probably prevent a lot of that," said Burton.
City officials say these LED lights should not need to be replaced or require maintenance for 10 years.