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Delbrück Upgrades To Innovative LED Streetlighting

Streetlight 10 LED luminaires from Osram enable the town of Delbrück to simply upgrade to innovative and cost-saving LED technology.
High-efficiency Siteco Streetlight 10 LED luminaires were used to modernise streetlighting in the German town of Delbrück. Up until 2018 a total of 351 linear luminaires with T8 fluorescent lamps, mainly cambered mast luminaires from the 1970s, are to be converted to LED lighting.
In a first step in 2016, 119 light heads were replaced with Streetlight 10 LED luminaires as a simple and cost-saving upgrade to latest state of LED technology. Energy savings of 25,000 kilowatt hours will be achieved annually by this alone, providing CO2 savings of approximately 295 tons over the complete service life.
(Image: Osram)
The Delbrück project is subsidised by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) because the Streetlight 10 LED luminaires from Osram Lighting Solutions meet the specification of achieving at least 70% in energy savings compared to the obsolete lighting system. The innovative family of LED luminaires not only features highly efficient technology and long-term, economical operation but also especially simple and cost-saving modernisations – masts are kept during the refurbishment and only the light heads are replaced.
(Image: Osram)

Also in terms of performance, quality of light and control options, Streetlight 10 LED luminaires comply with all requirements of the company commissioned with lighting design and project management, Westfalen Weser Netz GmbH. They ensure high-output lighting compliant to standards, low glare, good colour rendering, low connected load and enable night-time power reduction.
The visual aspect of the new lighting solution was also an important factor for the decision-makers. The LED luminaires not only had to fulfil specific lighting tasks according to mast dimensions and location, but also belong to a common luminaire family with the same, attractive design features.
Luminaires from the Streetlight 10 LED range with their diverse variants in terms of construction size, wattage and optics fulfil these requirements. In Delbrück, Streetlight 10 Mini and Midi each with the ST1.2 street reflector are used, in addition to Streetlight 10 Midi with an asymmetric optic providing light distribution to the right for pedestrian crossings.