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Dimmable Power Supply Practical Applications And Features Show

Let's follow the increase of living standards, people start growing high-definition TV set a higher request to have a greater role and a higher-resolution flat-panel displays is desired we have, we also know relatively 3D, 4D television show role clarity, like a picture in front from a similar attack.

Gradually, we demand from the plasma television is now turned to the high-definition TV LED HD TV, according to the data that the current used to drive white LED dimmable power supply IC now occupies half of the total LED power mall , in the process, led the manipulator using it is very important.   

In dimmable power supply, for example, today we look at the detailed dimmable power use in practice the process which has the characteristics:

(1) Wide input voltage range;

(2) a wide output voltage range;

(3) High efficiency transformation;

(4) severe conditioning LED current matching;

(5) low noise, stable frequency operation;

(6) independent current and dimming control;

(7) wide dimming ratio;

(8) with a few external components small, compact footprint solution;