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Everlight, Delta Electronics Win Government Procurement Of 500,000 LED Bulbs

Taiwan-based Everlight Electronics and Delta Electronics have won open-bid procurement of 500,000 9W LED light bulbs at a total price of about NT$94 million (US$3.15 million) from Bureau of Energy under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, according to industry sources.

Bureau of Energy announced the open-bid procurement with a budget of NT$200 million at the end of 2012, with the 9W LED light bulbs to be given to 1,500 social welfare organizations and low-income families (each family to have two bulbs) without charges in a bid to promote energy saving, the sources pointed out.

At the same brightness performance, a 9W LED bulb consumes 85% lower power than a 60W incandescent bulb and thus can save power consumption of 94kWh a year, the sources cited the Bureau of Energy as indicating. The total annual power saving by 500,000 9W LED bulbs is estimated at 47 million kWh, equivalent to saving in power cost by NT$130 million a year, the sources indicated.

Everlight won procurement of more than 250,000 LED bulbs and Delta will supply over 240,000 ones, the sources noted. However, the average procurement price of NT$188 per LED bulb is definitely below production cost and therefore the procurement is equivalent for the two suppliers to promote energy saving at their own educational cost, the sources pointed out.

Everlight has won five government projects for procuring 55,000 LED street lamps in total while Delta has won four ones to supply 43,000 LED street lamps, with installation of those lamps to be finished in the first half of 2013, the sources indicated.