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Five Strategies Of LED Lighting Industry Development

LED lighting industry in the off-season, when struck, positive changes, so that companies must not only be able to "speak out. Season "and is even better than the season we can see in the following five aspects:
Strategy One: The transfer market
If the so-called "off-season" arrives, moving the market to find a suitable sales and market focus has shifted.
Second strategy: develop innovative channels
"Pareto Principle" means opt for 20% of customers, 80% of sales in the lighting industry are also true. Lots of LED lighting company focused on all broker or brokers and other clients, products brand name, but a market is saturated very difficult to have a breakthrough. Therefore open new marketing channels, looking for new growth.
Third strategy: promoting new products
Use existing sales and marketing network to promote some strong sales of new products, leading companies to be picked just the right product, off-season in a position of not "light".
Strategy 4: Increase advertising
Major markets and distribution channels for a large marketing network all major customer increased promotional activity. To increase publicity in popularity, there is only the popular financial gas, increase value-added services to boost consumption. In efforts to increase the high-end products, promotional efforts for high-end products in the total sales volume of the report of the property, reducing the cost of sales, increase sales profitability has improved.
Strategy Five: timely adjustments within the company
Company to perform the off-season is a good time for the internal control. LED companies should "hardware", "software", enter the system and improve the corporate culture at the same time to organize the training of sales staff expertise systematic sales and the ability to increase market control.