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Guangdong LED Industry Still Under Oversupply Pressure

China’s National Development and Reform Commission and others announced the country’s latest strategic new industry development report at the China Hi-tech Fair on Nov. 16, 2016. Most industries remain small in Guangdong Province’s eight strategic new industries, according to the province’s latest strategic new industry report.

Strategic new industry sizes in Guangdong Province remained small, due to difficulties in expanding the domestic market and other factors. Different levels of oversupply issues have surfaced in the LED and photovoltaic industry. In addition, innovative technologies are mostly still at the stage of tracking and imitation, and lacks core technologies developed in-house. Take the Guangdong Province for example, on the surface it is a livid and rising industry, but in reality the industry’s future is in the hands of large companies, such as Google and Qualcomm that have control over operation system and core chip technologies.
Shenzhen strategic new industry is also facing lack of core technology. In addition, the city’s report also admitted nurturing a market is a long and tedious road, and tension in the industry’s developable space is also affecting potential development.