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LED Light Supplier Should Treat The LED Lighting Market Growth Rationally

Since the beginning of 2013, the demand of LED lighting downstream application market has been continued rapid growth than expected, which directly drives the midstream encapsulation and upstream epitaxy chip’s rapid digestion of production capacity, and there is a phenomenon of the exceeding orders at some enterprises. The use of LED light products is more and more popular with domestic consumers at present, the dealers’ retail sales increasing drives manufacturers to increase production naturally. Demand of LED lighting product is keep growing from foreign markets, and it is obvious from last year.

There two ideas followed with continued rapid growth in the LED lighting market, one is the explosive growth of LED lighting market has arrived early than expected. And several LED light supplier shows that they are planning to expand production, including many new businesses. Another kind of view is most people think that is a temporary phenomenon, and the market will be saturated soon. The insider showed "market development speed always can’t exceed the speed of the production capacity, so as the LED lighting products which are in the modern high efficient production system. What's more, we don't have production capacity, because of the capacity is not fully open, the explosive growth is not being. And the share of LED lighting market is very low at present, so the potential market is considerable. There is a stage which the products needed to accept by the consumers.

Although the market situation is good, the enterprises need to capture the demand of the market. The features of LED lighting products are improved, which stimulates the development of the LED lighting market. But upstream epitaxy chip LED bulb light manufacturer still have the difficulties, and some small size enterprises never got the benefits from the market. Therefore, for this phenomenon, two aspects should take into consideration.

On the one hand, there are too many LED lighting production enterprises, which big enterprises will overcome the small size companies. That is a positive aspect for improve the industry integration. On the other hand, for this is a normal phenomenon of the market demand growth, but the excessive growth will be not good. For certain one company, it is possible to enhance the sales in multiple but for the entire industry, it is still a question whether the growth is sustainable or not.

Insiders analysis: "from the rule of market economy development, this promising of the LED market is temporary, but continues for a period of time. As capacity utilization rate has increased, the market will have a big turning for the demand. We are delighted to see that the domestic LED lighting market are launching, not only the city, even the LED products are emerging in the many villages and towns market. all of shows that the domestic LED market will spring up.