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LED TRIAC Dimming Principles And Issues

Now, LED lighting has become a mainstream skills. LED flashlights, traffic lights and headlights look all that different countries are pushing to replace the main power supply of homes, commercial and industrial use of incandescent and fluorescent lamps with LED lamps. After switching to energy-efficient LED lighting, power savings will be completed very alarming. In China alone, according to government * estimated that if one-third of turning LED lighting mall merchandise, they will save 100 million per year of electricity consumption, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 29 million tons. However, there is still a prejudice to be overcome, and that was dimming doubt.

Incandescent use simple, low-cost leading edge TRIAC dimmers can be very simple to complete dimming. Thus, this dimmer everywhere. Solid-state lighting to replace the lamp in order to obtain real successful, it is necessary to be able to use the existing control and line complete dimming.