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Legends Seeks To Develop Ultra Efficient LED Light Bulbs

Legends Business Group, announced the company's new Executive Energy Consultant, Jeff Wilson, as part of Legends research and development team, which has designed a circuit that consumes about 3.7-watts and is capable of powering multiple LEDs at a 60 Watt output equivalent.

The ultra-efficient circuit is in its final conceptual stage and still requires enough miniaturization so as to be small enough to fit inside a standard 60 Watt styled bulb.

Legends has been actively requesting quotes from overseas manufacturers capable of tooling and creating an extremely energy efficient light bulb. The specifications require that the bulb have a maximum energy consumption of 5 Watts, have the equivalent lighting brightness of a standard 60 Watt incandescent bulb and have a normal-use life expectancy of at least 50,000 hours.

"Today's LED bulbs look so different from the incandescent light bulbs we grew up seeing," said Rudy Sablon, LGBS's President and CEO. "Odd shapes and light colors have made the latest LED bulbs on the market today somewhat unpopular to American consumers. Users want a bulb that is eco-friendly and has the look and feel of the standard sixty-watt incandescent light bulb they are familiar with." Most current CFL and LED bulbs on the market today use about 12 Watts of power and have several other drawbacks.

In 2011, the US congress fought to repeal a law phasing out incandescent bulbs, and studies now show that conservative US shoppers are turned off by the current offering of LED and CFL light bulbs. With high prices and modern designs the US consumer has been reluctant to switch. Legend's goal is to design and manufacture an ultra-efficient LED bulb that will be modeled and designed to look and act just like a sixty-watt incandescent light bulb but yet be 90% more energy efficient than an LED and 50% more efficient than a CFL bulb.