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Rapid Development Of The LED Lighting Market In United States Affects Our Country

According to the research report of Freedonia Group, the demand of American LED lighting products will grow at an annual rate of 7.4% and to $25 billion by 2017.
The LED lighting products TBT notification council aimed at the United States recently published review TBT notification LED lights test procedure, the test program sets measurement of LED lights’ lumen output, input power and the method of relative spectral distribution. In addition, it also provides the method of measuring LED luminous flux rate to forecast the LED bulbs rated life.
It’s known as the rules are closely related to LED lighting products, and the United States is also one of the major exports of our LED lights market, China's LED lights exports reached tens of billions of dollars on the United States in 2012. If the rules are implemented, which will bring great influence to China’s LED industry.
The share of LED lighting market is very small at present, but their longer service life and higher efficiency will increase significantly the demand. The technical progress of LED light source will also make them more energy-saving, more brightness, more affordable. In addition, LED bulb light manufacturer is developing the equipment specially designed for the LED lighting to optimize its performance and make it become mainstream product in the lighting products.
The high speed development of America LED lighting market also attributed to the 2007 energy-saving lighting products demand of 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act: rules to restrict the sale of incandescent lamp. These regulations will be pushing for fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp, high intensity discharge lighting lamps and lanterns and LED light source demand.