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SCR Dimming Power

Abnormal appearance and the appropriate approach:

1, after the initial power supply equipment good electrical connection, there does not light, the AC input intercept and inspect: a) DC output terminal without poor contact; b) DC output negative rule is not reversed, LED board is not a welding anti-; c) AC input without poor contact; more problems after cleaning test.

2, in the apparatus after a good electrical connection, LED lights, but LED lights flicker, please cut off the AC input and DC output of the check: a) whether the overload, overload, light load; b) power planning parameters and practical application parameters do not match.

3, the product in case of any further questions or concerns, please communicate with me in the use of process sideways company, adverse reaction information, I will help your company to solve lively question.

4, Power in 30W or more, it is recommended to use the output wire 18AGW wire.

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