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The LED Lighting Industry Rapid Development In The Mixed

Back in 2009, the planning was put forward by Shenzhen government, which pointed out that there will be built an important national and even global LED industry research and development production base in Shenzhen, and with the industry scale more than 130 billion yuan by 2015.
At that time, the plan is seen as a blueprint of many cities across the country establishment relevant planning. The planning presented the long-term development goals: LED industry scale in annual output value is over 130 billion yuan in 2015, and realizes industrialization in white light general lighting area, form a complete industry chain and chain innovation;
To cultivate and develop a batch of leading LED light supplier with international competitiveness, and more than one enterprise, two to three enterprises with output value of more than 5 billion yuan, in output value of more than ten enterprises more than 1 billion yuan.
Why plan implemented then gave up a few years?
A senior analyst Wang of Global market research institutions Trend Force LED industry's research department believes that the reason is the deviation of understanding the planning for industry. By 2012, LED enterprises with the output value more than 1 billion yuan in Shenzhen haven't one, while with the rapid development of the LED industry and more and more  LED bulb light manufacturer, but the industry concentration was not improved.