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The Situation Of LED Lighting Penetration

In the recent two years, LED section has fluctuated greatly, this sharp rebound of LED plate from the bottom is mainly because the LED lighting penetration enters the fast growth phase, while the LED backlight market penetration is close to 95%, LED lighting has officially replace the LED backlight to become the main driving force of LED industry to grow, and which has been verified with the short-term operations in June and July of the domestic LED enterprises. Compared with LED backlight market at the value of one hundred billion, LED lighting market will reach one trillion, it is believed that domestic high-quality companies have more growth opportunities in the era of LED lighting. In addition, the best stock in U.S. market RVLT belongs to LED stock, this stock rose 515 percent this year, reflecting that the U.S. market is optimistic about LED lighting industry, which will further firm market's confidence.

After off-season of June and July, LED lighting will not usher in the season until August and September to the end of this year, and the base of last year is poor, from the third quarter, the year on year growth of LED enterprises is expected to improve quarter by quarter, which is conducive to enhancing the market's confidence for LED section.

In view of the life cycle of consumer electronics, new product penetration will grow at the fastest speed from 10% to 60%, the current LED lighting penetration rate is about 10%, and it is about to enter the stage of rapid growth.

In future, the performance of mainland China LED companies and American enterprises is more representative of global LED industry trends. In details, Sanan photoelectric is rapidly stepping towards the NO.1 in the world in LED chip field, and the subsequent further layout in downstream applications also is the trend, in the LED lighting market at the value of one trillion, there still is huge room for Sanan photoelectric to grow, and it is just a step away from the new record high.