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These Questions Will Shorten The Life Expectancy LED Drive Power Use

LED driver power supply circuit planning, at run time with the use of life expectancy can be directly linked to power, demand engineers in the development of new products seriously. In ordinary use in shopping malls, we often say drive type LED driver contains two types of digital driving and analog driving. But no matter what type of drive, the driving circuit system which are made of electronic components, including semiconductor elements, resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. These components have a life expectancy use, any failure of equipment will cause a failure of the entire circuit may partly function failure. Under normal circumstances, the use of a generally LED drive power life expectancy is 5-10 million hours of 50,000 hours by the operator, with a life expectancy of nearly six years under successive lighting conditions. Life expectancy of switching power supply is difficult to reach six years, switching power supply warranty market is usually 2--3 years, to reach the 6-year warranty is military power levels, offer is 4-6 times the normal power supply, the usual lamp factory is difficult to bear. Therefore, LED power supply problems, mostly driving circuit problems. They want to use a longer life expectancy, the demand for electronic components to improve the quality of LED drive power.