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To Avoid The Low Prices Mistake When Choosing LED Lighting Products

With the motivation of the good policies and good market prospects, many lighting companies involved in LED lighting field. According to the statistics, domestic LED lighting industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the related LED bulb light manufacturer has reached nearly 5000. But behind the industry flourishing, there also exist serious chaos, which is only dozens enterprises with LED lighting R&D strength, such as Philips, Three Male Aurora, etc. And the rest are mostly lack of strength and profit-seeking companies. For the joining of profit-seeking companies can easily cause the situation of LED lighting market chaos and with the patchy quality products, which bring some obstacles for consumers to buy LED products. Therefore, many consumers are confused by the problem why the prices difference is so big with the LED products.
Consumers should avoid choosing low prices of LED lighting products as far as possible, because the low prices products are low quality relatively. Some companies use the poor quality components to reduce the cost, in order to achieve the purpose of low price competition. So the products with low quality, its life span and energy-efficient are not favorable, let alone to help the consumers to realize both energy saving and money saving. Especially for hotels, shopping malls and other business places, when choosing the poor quality LED lighting source, not only they can’t achieve the ideal energy saving effect, but also the products will bring higher costs and even cause some additional business loss.
LED products cost is higher than that of traditional products at present, and its economic benefits are not reflected on the purchase cost, but by the characteristics of the "long life, low energy" to greatly save the cost of the operation, maintenance, and eventually offset the investment of early LED purchase. When choosing the LED products, consumers should select the excellent brand with high quality and guaranteed after-sales service products. Which can really enjoy the benefits of “save electricity, save money, save worry” brought by high quality LED products, and please mind don't be misled by salespeople and low price.