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UL Release Overheating Protection LED Power Supply Certification

LED technology not only provides greater efficiency and longer life of lighting products, returned products designed to provide a greater degree of freedom. Global leader in safety science UL (Underwriters Laboratories) announced thermally protected type (Class P) LED power supply certification program that will allow fixture manufacturers for LED power supply compatibility with more flexibility, better take advantage of all LED technology The advantages.

UL is the world's first company to be "hot limit type" LED Power Certification Scheme (Type TL LED Driver Program) will be more flexible lighting parts approval process introduced to the market standard development agencies. Now, UL once again the first to offer "Overheat protection type" (Class P) LED power supply certification scheme, through the assessment of Class P LED power supply, so that the drive structure and ratings become more standardized. With the present scheme, lighting manufacturers will be more flexible replacement LED power supply without having to re-certified products. This standard requires the participation of the industry associations together to develop, finally agreed by the UL 8750 standard adopted by the Panel, and the inclusion in the UL 8750 standard designed for LED lighting products in the development of equipment.

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